Azure offers first rate personal protective solutions for all of your security needs. We understand that those with high profile or affiliation status (i.e., celebrities, notoriety carriers of large sums or valuables, victims of founded threats) need enhanced levels of protective services. Therefore, we utilize high quality risk mitigation strategies and ensure that VIP safety measures are always taken at the personal protection level. Due to our fully unionized staff, we can provide long-term officers who guarantee that clients fully know and trust the individuals in charge of their protection.


Azure Protective Services uses only the most innovative surveillance technology to establish uninterrupted coverage of entire properties, regardless of size. Our security officers work round-the-clock with our modern tech to ensure that all people and property are fully protected from harm. Furthermore, we maintain enough staff to guarantee full coverage of our properties, despite potential circumstances which could hinder individuals’ ability to work. In the event of an emergency, we have a plethora of officers who could arrive to help on a minute’s notice at any of our locations.


Seeking an exciting and fulfilling career serving the NYC community? We are always interested in adding more strong and dedicated security officers to the Azure team! Resumes can be emailed to:


Azure Protective Services is a New York City based, professional provider of safety in all aspects of society – making it the top tier in both personal protection and building security. We pride ourselves on our devotion to maintaining a secure environment via proficiency in crime prevention and awareness, counter terrorism, fire safety, emergency preparedness, and more.

The founders of Azure Protective Services are both retired senior high ranking uniformed executives of the New York City Police Department with extensive career accomplishments. This distinguished law enforcement background of our company’s leadership is emulated throughout every facet of our organization. Thus, the safety of our clients, and of our entire community, is the pinnacle of our endeavor.

One of our most distinctive assets over competitors is our entirely union-based staff. Unionized officers are not only highly effective and dedicated, but they remain in their positions for the long-term. Non-union security companies suffer from frequent officer turnover because of underappreciated and, in turn, underperforming employees. The guards of Azure Protective Services undergo comprehensive training to become staples in their posts, mastering every detail of protection along the way.



President & CEO

Michael T. Endall is a highly accomplished police executive exulting twenty-seven years of experience with the New York City Police Department. His impeccable leadership qualities can be witnessed through his experiences as a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Deputy Inspector-Executive Officer on the force. Throughout Michael’s growth on the NYPD, he has handled many extraordinarily demanding situations with cunning ease. As the first Captain to respond to Ground Zero on September 11th, 2001, he demonstrated strength and guidance in the most trying of times. Michael further refined his expertise in leadership by serving as the 2nd Vice President of the Captains Endowment Association for ten years, representing active department members during official investigations relating to Internal Affairs, Equal Employment Opportunity, and the Civilian Complaint Review Board. Michael is intensely skilled in managing high-volume crowds in a variety of circumstances.


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